Time, time and a courgette tart

It may be a lack of ability; however, I cannot handle two lives at the same time. Yes, it looks as if we couldn’t get enough of our real and concrete life, and now we’ve made up a second one, a virtual one. And since then we`ve been trying to keep the balance in heart and soul for both of them.

I find amazing that I can manage to see Natasha’s new hair cut, my friend from Macedonia, or to exchange emails and experiences with my German colleague from this online course I am taking as well as to find out lovely blogs in Iceland and Romania. I love collecting awe-inspiring images I find on the net and keep everything in the panels I have myself created on the Pinterest. I spend long time chatting and working via gtalk and Whats App.

But only kisses blown through Skype with smiling faces on Facebook and on the mobile are not enough for me. I miss hearing laughter, touching and smelling things or even throwing things up. I need to kiss my husband, cuddle my cat, water the plants in the balcony and cook on my stove. I also need to flick through my books and magazines, I need to bookmark the pages I find interesting, I need to book face meetings and I need to leave the house to meet my friends.

I know several people can perfectly manage their time. I can’t get fitted into that. However, I just forgive myself. When I see I am under too much pressure, I get a little away from the virtual life. That happened this week that has just gone. I was on the run with no time for posting, replying my emails and updating my page on Facebook.

But at least I could prepare dinner for my brother who has just arrived from a beautiful trip to Peru and spent the weekend with me, before going back home. I even found time to leave the recipe and images of this courgette tart for you, which I made with the same basic pastry for tomato tart. I hope you like – and also that you find some spare time to prepare it!

Courgette tart


A basic recipe for tart (find it here)

Line a little roasting pan for common tart or one with a removable bottom with the cold pastry of basic tart. Make small holes in the bottom and in the walls with the tip of a fork. Cover it with baking paper and fill the bottom with seeds of dry beans. Bake it in the oven in 180 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes.


2 sliced courgettes
1 tablespoon of olive oil
1 crushed clove of garlic
2 whole eggs
½ cup of crumbled ricotta
100 ml of cream milk
½ cup of grated mozzarella cheese
As much as you wish of salt and pepper
Sage leaves

Warm the oil with the garlic and let the slices of courgette slightly brown. Leave it aside. In a bowl, beat the eggs; add your crumbled ricotta, the cream milk and the grated cheese. Flavour it with salt and pepper. Put this mixture in the pre-baked pastry and spread the courgette on the top of it. In the end, crush some pepper and decorate it with torn leaves of sage. Take it to the oven in medium-heat till you get it brown.

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11 comentários
  1. Anna says:

    I just discovered your blog via BYW bootcamp……..oh my, your photography is absolutely beautiful and your cooking skills look pretty good too! I’m totally with you on the time issue and ‘online’ life, we all need to take a time out away from it and make some real life communication. I bet you feel good from having a week without it.

  2. I love the looks of this – so creamy and with the cake just laying there, mmm, I want one!

  3. Janet Kemp says:

    Yum, your photography makes me want to eat a slice right now. Will def make the courgette tart.

  4. Será que essa massa fica boa com farinha integral? Ou metade trigo e metade integral? Tenho feito umas massas com essa mistura que ficaram super saborosas e fofinhas. Vou tentar fazer :)

  5. Johanna says:

    Just coming over from BYW – I love your blog and I now know what to cook during the weekend,

    have fun,


  6. Rafael says:

    Amei o blog! Parabens para as autoras.


    Beijos de França


  7. Gesche says:

    I know your problem, too. There’s so much to discover online, but at the same time I waste my real life time ;)
    But please go on with your photos – I love your pictures and your recipe! And I think I have to try your tart soon.

    Gesche (from BYW) :)

  8. Makisa says:

    I want to eat this tart. Right now!

    Your blog is awesome – love your photography and food styling. Found through BYW. :)

  9. Silky Hart says:

    Love your blog! I discovered it the first week of BYW Boot Camp and so happy I did. The photographs and recipes are truly delicious!

  10. Yummy & beautiful!

  11. Acabo de descubrir vuestro blog… es precioso, las recetas,las fotos, todo!
    Os seguiré!
    Besos desde Barcelona!