Express mango and passion fruit ice-cream

Complicated recipes make me lazy, very lazy. I neither like those which need to be prepared in steps nor those who need to be left aside in the fridge for hours. What I most like in the kitchen is the possibility of thinking and creating something quickly with no planning, prototyping or validation. Once you decide to prepare a dish, you mix some ingredients and a little while later… done! You can eat it – and, if everything goes according to your idea, you will sigh of pleasure! That may be the reason why I had never felt any attraction for ice-cream recipes – that thing about removing it from the freezer to stir it every now and again or buying an ice-cream machine to take up some space you do not really have in the kitchen make me give up.

Thus, I share an ice-cream recipe with you (it is more a mousse consistency, it does not get really hard) which I found in one of Saveurs page, a French magazine that I occasionally buy here. It is fresh, fast and delicious!

Express mango and passion fruit ice-cream

450g of frozen mango chopped into pieces (chop fresh mango and take the pieces to the freezer one day before making the ice-cream)
4 passion fruits
125 g of fresh yoghurt
20 g of brown sugar

Cut the passion fruits into halves, remove the pulp and sift it to remove the seeds and keep only the juice. Leave it aside. By the time you decide to serve your ice-cream you blend the juice with the pieces of frozen mango, the yoghurt and the sugar. Blend it until you reach a soft ice-cream consistency and serve it immediately. If you prefer, you can sprinkle some chopped pistacchio – it gets perfect!

ps: when I made this ice-cream, I also roasted some fruits to serve on the side. You find the recipe of roasted fruits here.

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4 comentários
  1. KANKANA says:

    I absolutely love the color of the ice cream. Love both mango and passion fruits!

    • Elisa Correa says:

      thank you so much, kankana!
      i just found your blog and i love it!

  2. I came across this on Pinterest, and the color just drew me to your blog. It’s a beautiful dessert, we have something similar in India minus the passion fruit. Perfect

  3. Wow your photographs are stunning! And such a delicious sounding ice cream recipe. I hate having to wait for ice cream to freeze as well, especially because it always freezes too hard and you have to wait even longer to eat it! This sounds ridiculously good and easy though :)