Simple and fresh

I haven’t resisted. They were side by side at a stall in the market. Several types – fresh and colourful.

I would receive a guest for Sunday lunch and I decided that I would prepare a starter to take advantage of this variety of tomatoes I had taken home. I managed to find a simple recipe, intense colour and happy spices – carpaccio of tomatoes.

Carpaccio of tomatoes

Organic tomatoes of many kinds. From the Italian to the cherry ones. Ripe and green. Sharp knife for thin slices that go to the paten overlapping themselves in a circular shape. Tomato claims for basil, spoons of good burrata, pinches of salt and some pepper. It also goes with some dashes of raspberry jelly. On the top, let some drizzles of extra virgin olive oil fall down.

Cherry tomatoes left went to the frying pan, braised with garlic, oil and stripes of courgette and aubergine. A magical result to serve with penne al dente. On the side, parmesan cheese, freshly grounded pepper, basil leaves and a good white wine. Simple, fast and fresh. Perfect!

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5 comentários
  1. Oh I can’t wait to try that tomato carpaccio! And with raspberry jelly…I love it! The Farmer’s Market is overflowing with these beauties. Y que guapas las fotos!

    • Elisa Correa says:

      thank you, shannon! you’ll love the carpaccio – it’s perfect for the summer!

  2. esscorts says:

    Hello there, I love your blog . Is there something I can do to receive updates like a subscription or some thing? I am sorry I’m not acquainted with RSS? best regards

  3. Christina says:

    Love it! Thank you for this! The photos are so beautiful!!

  4. I so love your site and your recipes and all of your Tweets. Your photographs truly amazing.just loved these tomato carpaccio!!