Apple purée for stronger flavoured meat

Before starting I would like to apologise. The last two weeks were hard work and La casa sin tiempo’s kitchen was a little unattended. However, we are back and today I am serving this recipe of apple purée for much stronger flavoured meat, like pork, for example.

Funnily enough, I am allergic (or intolerant) to pork meat. Few hours after eating a small portion I have a splitting headache that lives tirelessly with me for three whole days and three whole nights. That’s why, rationally speaking, I shouldn’t eat it.

Anyway, I am not very rational and I like the taste of pork meat very much. So, every now and again, I have this crazy feeling for roasted sausages, loin or ribs (like the ones served only on Saturdays at this famous local restaurant called Mocotó: boned, with boiled cassava and pineapple browned in the butter served with molasses sauce). I can’t resist to situations like that. Rationality is replaced by decontrol and I give it to pleasure.

Last weekend, I guiltless roasted a chop (I only spiced with salt and pepper, sprinkled some olive oil and took it to the oven with full cloves of unpeeled garlic and waited it to get brown) to go with a simple and savoury recipe of apple purée. As we are just less than thirty days for Christmas, I remember this purée is perfect to go with turkey, gammon and pork loin which usually visit people’s tables for Christmas and New Year.

Apple purée

4 Bramley apples or any other which are acid green (about 1 kg)
60g of unsalted butter
2 cinnamon sticks broken in halves
About 50g of sugar

Peel off your apples and cut them into four wedges each, remove the core and slice them thinly. Heat the butter with your cinnamon in a big pan up to the point you notice some foam coming up. Add the fruit to the sugar. Cook it in a medium heat for about 15 minutes until you see the pieces shattering, stir them frequently for not having them sticking on the bottom of your pan.

Remove the cinnamon and blend the fruit mixture to get a purée consistency. Check the flavour; you might want to add some more sugar. If you prefer, sift through a thin sieve over a bowl (I skipped this part myself). Cover and take it to the fridge (this purée may be served either warm or cold, with pork or duck).

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  1. Mauro Liuz Soratto says:

    Estava com vontade de comer purê de maça ,então entrei na internet para pesquisar , pois as bistecas eu já havia comprado , então esta tudo certo c/ a tua sugestão, só que eu vou selar antes
    de colocar no forno.