The marvellous macaron

As a food stylist, I create the “scenery”, the ambience for dishes and foods and I am always very close to those who cook – sometimes, I go to the stove myself. However, if there is a territory I dare not interfere is the confectionery. This is for experts. Imagine an alchemist. That`s it! It is the confectionery handling their food processor, their measures, cake tins, molds, tips, beaters, spatulas… and the method perfection.

Therefore, the first time I worked with Elisa, in 2010, was for the image production of Bárbara Rossi’s website of patisserie; she is graduated in the prestigious school of Le Cordon Bleu, in Paris. We spent two full working days in that and I was privileged to see her creating delicate gâteauxtartesentremets and the sophisticated macaron.

I got fascinated by the colourful macarons Bárbara brought from the kitchen for our photographic production – there, with the tripod set in her living room or in her garden.

Later, provided by recipes from gastronomy websites and encouraged by invitations like “try to make that at home”, “complete recipe”, “it is very simple”, I ventured to reproduce this delicacy in my kitchen. The result was not good. I could imagine that those wonderful things had their own tricks and secrets. And for that reason, I didn`t let myself down. The images produced for Bárbara`s website, Gâteaux à la Crème”, revealed macarons as master pieces. That was what really mattered.

For those who don’t easily give up and have some kind of experience in the confectionery art, we offer the original recipe used by Bárbara. Voilá!

Chocolate Macaron (makes from 20 to 25 medium macaroons)

Ingredients for macaron
125g of almond flour
205g of icing sugar
65g of refined sugar
100g of eggwhite
25g of cocoa powder

The almond flower must be sifted as well as the icing sugar and cocoa powder. Leave them aside. Beat the eggwhite with refined sugar until you get stiff peaks. Mix delicately the dry ingredients to the eggwhite reaching a homogenous consistency.  Put the mixture into a pastry bag (pastry tip 8) and place the macaroon crunch in a roaster covered with parchment paper. Leave them aside for about 30 minutes and then put them in the oven (150º) from 12 to 15 minutes. After baked, let them cool down so the macaroon crunches will unglue from parchment paper.

Ingredients for the filling
110g of dark chocolate
70ml of fresh cream milk
30ml of milk

Warm the milk with the fresh cream milk in a pan and before they boil you add the chocolate. Mix them well and let them boil stirring all the time. Put it in a shallow container so the mixture will cool down faster. Put the filling in a pastry bag (pastry tip 8) and leave it aside.

Building them
Take two pairs of macaron crunches: spread the filling on one of the sides and glue the other crunch.

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    As immagens estão tão lindas que me convidam ao desafio!depois eu conto
    o resultado.

    • Elisa Correa says:

      que bom, soleci! também acho que vale o desafio – se não der certo, ao menos vais passar um bom tempo entretida com o processo. cozinha também é terapia! um beijo