Welcome to the Ephemeral Kitchen!

Plum jam, foam of acerola, coffee butter. Jabuticaba lolly-ice, duck in a pumpkin, sprouts salad. Welcome to the Ephemeral Kitchen where there is no predictable combinations, no permanent flavours and, like the seasons of the years, everything is temporary.

The Ephemeral Kitchen is a creation of Sílvia Corbucci, an architect-chef who privileges seasonal ingredients, local and organic production, and invents recipes to arouse new sensations. I spent an afternoon with her at the turquoise blue house where she lives in São Paulo in a narrow and friendly street behind a large avenue. While I photographed, I tried a little of everything. This lolly-ice made out of a green juice, pineapple jam with coffee, just germinated sprouts… and for each piece I tasted, my body awoke and asked me why we get so used to the monotonous cuisine. The Ephemeral Kitchen is a therapy against atrophy of senses, against the flavours sameness, against food boredom.

At this point you might be asking: so, what is this Ephemeral Kitchen? Is it a restaurant, an emporium… what? It is all of this – and not. It means that Sílvia’s concept of cuisine is transitional and does not fit in any category. She makes up menus from wedding and birthday picnics or even more ambitious ones with the purpose of stimulating sensorial perception.

But you can go to her house to buy her jams and loaves of bread. You can also hire her and surprise your guests for a party you organize – or even to gather a little group of friends for an exclusive and unforgettable dinner at Silvia’s turquoise house. You may also order her special menus she created, like a very unconventional Christmas supper: duck in the pumpkin, nutty rice, dried fruit farofa, and sprouts salad.

But you need to hurry because everything lasts shortly. You find them today, tomorrow they have gone. But you can relax: The memory of such experiences given by the Ephemeral Kitchen is endless. And nobody will be able to copy Silvia’s cuisine. It is a drawn signature, impossible to fake. It is only hers – and no-one else.

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2 comentários
  1. Helenice Corbucci says:

    Elisa, amei seu blog, parabéns! Tudo muito lindo, de encher os olhos!
    Fiquei sua fã e vou acompanhar frequentemente.

    • Elisa Correa says:

      helenice, muito obrigada!
      seja muito bem-vinda à nossa casa sin tiempo!
      um beijo!