Spicy avocado

Blended avocado cream with lime juice was a very usual dessert back home. I still remember the sour taste at the corner of my tongue that forced me and my siblings to frown our eyes until they close. One day, while I was shopping at the supermarket, I bumped into a pyramid of avocados and I realized that I wasn’t used to buying them. Why not? I decided to take two.

One turned to be this cream from my childhood (and there is no need for a recipe, you just blend it with lime juice in a blender) and the other, a spicy salad – fuerte! –  if smashed, you can have a perfect guacamole for those evenings that we just feel like nibbling while we drink something and have a chat with some good friends.


Remove the inner part of 1 ripe avocado with a spoon. Put it in a bowl. Chop a red onion very well; add leaves of 4 branches of coriander, squeeze half lime and one chilli pepper finely chopped (remember to remove the seeds). Add as much salt as you prefer and serve it with tortillas or tacos.

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